Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prayer from Sheila in Gig Harbor, Washington

Dear Lord, Thank You for our wonderful country and for the many who have worked and sacrificed to create her and to keep her safe. I ask Your continued protection for our country during these dangerous times. I pray for our troops and their loved ones and that You comfort the injured and the families and friends of those who have died in battle. I ask that You bring John McCain and Sarah Palin to the White House. I pray that You bring new Republicans into the House and Senate so that President McCain can get the job done that needs to be done. I pray for the safety of our troops around the world and for our continued victory in our war with terrorists, and that You lead us to it's end. I pray that You bring enlightenment and light into the darkness of the minds of the jihadists who have been so indoctrinated and manipulated in their belief system. I thank You for guiding our wonderful President George W. Bush on his difficult journey these past 8 years. He has served our country with every fiber of his being, doing what he knew to be right in spite of the ceaseless and viscous attacks against him by the media and politicians on the left. He has remained steadfast and true in his faith in You and in our country. Thank You for comforting us through him after 9/11 tore our hearts open and connected us all in grief. Please bless him in every way for all the days of his life, and may it be a long and happy one. I ask that You let him know in his heart how beloved he is by many, that the media and the voices of the left that rail against him are not the majority. I ask that You wake people up to the realities of the dangers we are facing in the world before November, so that they may clearly see how important it is that John McCain defeat Obama because John McCain can be the strong leader we need to conquer the evils arrayed against us. I thank You for guiding John McCain to pick Sarah Palin as his running mate. I pray for the Iraqi people, that they find peace together and cast all foreign terrorists from their midst so that our troops can come home. I pray for peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan and that You lead us to victory there by removing the Taliban and Al Qaeda terrorists from the mountains and enclaves from which they wreak such evil acts. I pray that good prevails against evil. I pray that You unite the American people to this cause and bring peace and harmony to all. With love and gratitude, Amen.

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