Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prayers Offered By Sparrowgirls' Prayer Group

Dear God... I praise you tonight for your faithfulness through good times and bad in our great country...Father, I place my trust in You. For our country, our people, the affairs of the nation. You are worthy of all trust, Father, we thank you for all the blessings you've given us, both seen and unseen, you are so good to usI pray tonight that...God takes care of us and gives us the help John McCain and Sarah Palin overcome the great odds......and if we are successful...I promise to get religion - honestly and not jokingly.

Lord, we confess as a nation that we have sinned in many areas. We are not perfect as a nation or as individuals. We ask for your forgiveness. We need revival in America and true repentance in the hearts of your people all across our land. Lord we have not kept your ways. We have turned to false idols. We worship flesh and material goods more than we worship you. Father, we are so selfish in so many ways, and it must cause your heart to break when we do not listen carefully to your direction and choose to do for ourselves. Please forgive us for our selfish ways and choosing to do for ourselves, instead of depending on your loving guidance.Thank you, dear God, for America. Thank you for the leadership you gave us in President Bush for these past eight years. Even though many in our country have not agreed with him on many things, I am thankful that he was our leader during the horrible tragedy of 9/11. Thank you for the men and women serving our country in the military to preserve our freedom and to help others gain freedom. May many Iraqi's come to know You and spiritual freedom through the political freedom they now have. Lord from north to south, from east to west you have given us such a beautiful country, full of bounty and promise. The people you have chosen to come here have all come with dreams. Each group has contributed to our great nation. Lord we ask you to bless us and make us right again. To become your people again.

Thank you, dear God, for America. I am so thankful for your Word because it is good and always true. I thank you for those you've brought to the forefront to serve our country and its people, to try to bring order back to this chaos. We thank you for the service in John McCain and for his family who stands strongly behind him. We also thank you for bringing Sarah and her family to the call. We are so grateful for those who have also heard the call to serve, be it the military or the media to bring us the truth. Make them strong to bear the brunt of evil that comes up against them. We thank you for your Heavenly Guard that protects us night and day.

Lord, I pray for this election. This is a difficult time for us, for our country. We have experienced a lot during President Bush's term, and we know the challenges that face our next Commander-in-Chief. Ultimately, we pray for Your will to be done. And if it is Your will, we pray for success for John McCain and Sarah Palin. We have observed over the campaigning season the ways of all candidates on both tickets. We believe that John McCain and Sarah Palin are what our country needs at this moment in our history. We believe that their policies on certain issues honor You. We believe that they will bring a breath of fresh air to Washington and hold the politicians there accountable to do the job that they have been elected to do. Please give all voters wisdom when they enter the voting booth to truly make the best decision for this country. Bring to their minds anything that might help them make that decision. I pray especially for all of the battleground states.... Lord, I beg you, that against all odds, our people will realize that they are about to embark on a dangerous course for our country. One that may bring them closer to godlessness. They will rend our nation. Evil nations will seize upon our weakness. Lord I ask for your protection for our great land. We have such fine people as John and Cindy, Sarah and Todd who want to protect Your beautiful America. Before it is too late, cause the hearts of Your people to come to a right judgement. Lord, there are times when to heal us, You have to break us. Please give us the strenght to withstand this. Please do not let us descend into godless communism. But Your will be done, Lord. We meekly submit ourselves to Your hand. But with all my heart, I pray for America. Please Lord, grant us the grace of good judgment. Please let us continue as one nation under YOU. Father, it is with Your guidance that You bring us together in support of one another, just as You did the early Christians in their despair when Your Son was crucified on the cross. You nurtured them, led them to hear the words that had been softly spoken in their ear when they walked with Christ during His ministry. I ask of you Lord, to please continue to nurture us, let that small voice become louder in our ear so that we do not fear to stand together as a nation who is ever so grateful for what we have worked so much to strengthen. Please be with us, surround us all with protection on these long nights before Nov. 4th. Please let blind eyes be open, deaf ears opened to hear that the choice they are making will be so strong of an impact on not only us, but nations throughout the world. May we continue to bring honor and glory and praise to Your Holy Name.

Please bless President Bush and thank you, Lord, for giving us this fine man during these crisis years. He has had quite the burden. So many times I have thanked You for giving us President Bush at a time like this. Keep us strong in the days ahead. In Jesus Name, Amen. Yes, Lord. Thank you for Your church...People who love You and seek to honor You and to live a life that is pleasing before you...Thank you for our country's Christian principles on which we were founded. I pray that Your church will stand strong for You once again in this election. I pray that we will be a light to others and be unified in our efforts. I pray that the purpose You had for America when she was born will be fully realized....I know that You had something special in mind when America was born. Despite what some are saying about America's "image" in the world, America has always stood with Israel...I pray that this will continue through the next Presidency. I pray that Your church will be strengthened through this election and that America will continue to do the good in the world that we are known for doing, yet, as John McCain has pledged, that we will not just give so much of the resources You have entrusted to us to countries that HATE us and want to destroy us. America must stay strong to fulfill the purpose you have for her. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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