Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sparrowgirls Prayer Group

Father God, there are so many souls that are in flux tonight as we approach the day of voting. Some have already voted, and we just pray that they had pure hearts when they made their selections. There are so many people who are to affected by the many people we elect to office. I pray that you are with not only the whole United States of America, but also with those battleground states where the heavy decisions will be made. Amen.

Dear God, we pray for Americans to have good wisdom and judgment when entering the voting booth, we pray so that they can think of you while making their decision and that they realize there is much at stake. Many people have heard Sen Obama's words and tonight saw his infomercial, please allow them to see through the words and into the character of the man. Please give them information and wisdom to make the correct decision. Please open their eyes and help them through this decision. We all here have noticed how he twists the truth and he has a way with words, but please give voters the wisdom and judgment to make the right decision. Amen. Lord, I am praying tonight for Fairness in the Media. We feel that the media is not being fair in covering our candidate John McCain and, as a result, people are uninformed and cannot make a proper decision. We ask you Lord, to expose the hearts of the media, to move their hearts to genuine love of country and their countrymen by renewing within them, a sense of Fairness. Let them no longer have a bias in one direction or another.

We pray for the electorate to care enough, to be informed, to strive for truth as well. The media tries to distort the truth and suppress other truth. Lord, we pray that the hearts of these media people who have so much power, become responsible to their civic trusts. We pray that from now on, they take their responsibilities much more seriously, so as to give fair hearing to our candidates John and Sarah without distortion. We pray that the voters will take their responsibility as citizens seriously and truly vote with the good of the country in their mind. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Dear God, Thank you so much for John McCain and Sarah Palin. We ask that you give them strength, an extra measure of energy, and Your perfect wisdom in the coming days. On election night, give them peace as they anticipate the results of the polls. I pray that you will bring to light anything else that needs to come to light about Obama in these final days before Americans make their final decision on election day. Any that are undecided, guide them to people or information on the internet or in newspapers that will help them make the best choice in this very important election. Please protect John McCain and Sarah Palin and their families. We have seen some very disturbing things taking place during this election, on both sides. I pray for protection over all of our country and that whatever the final result, people will not resort to violence but place their trust in You and Your will. In Jesus name, Amen.

Lord, we ask for your loving hand to be over the states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, N. Hampshire, Florida, N. Mexico, N. Carolina, Colorado, and Virginia. We ask for your love to be showered over the people of these states as you bring forth the prayer warriors that are praying through the election. That through turning our eyes to you that you will not turn from us. We feel so strongly that your favor is on this election result. Keep the candidates strong and healthy, free from distraction so that they might do your will. Please let those of us who have been called to volunteer either vocally or silently to do your will that will glorify you and lift you up, as all praise is due to you and you alone. Amen.

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people... of the characters and conduct of their rulers." John Adams

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