Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day...Victory for God and Country

Lord God,

We humbly come before You and thank you for the unfathomable goodness You bestow upon our country each day and night! We know we do little to deserve it, which makes it all the more amazing that You give to us so freely.

With our eyes, we see obstacles, but Your Eyes see those same things as victories waiting to happen. This was the case with Joshua at Jericho. This was the case with Daniel in the lions' den. It was the case with David and Goliath. Surely it was the case with Jesus on the cross. Each of these stories has victory in common. Not just any victory, but "victory" that was TOTALLY against human odds. You are so much greater than obstacles. You are so much greater than human odds. We ask for this type of victory today for John, Sarah and America! We beg you to clear the way for them to be elevated to the leaders of our country.

Lord, send your Holy Spirit to incline each voter's heart and mind to vote with YOUR wisdom, whether they know you or not. May voters have supernatural encounters with you today, Lord, that surpass their human understanding. May hearts be won for you and may consciences be revived. Father God, may those who have pondered in darkness cast a vote in YOUR light!

We ask for YOU to be revealed in the Election results. We know this is ultimately in Your hands. Prepare our country for the direction of YOUR will. And God, if it be your will that John and Sarah are victorious in the election, we ask for gracious and humble hearts filled with gratitude.

We also ask for your peace to calm any angry hearts. We pray against any and all violence and the evil that inspires such behavior. We know that our battle is NOT against flesh and blood. Father God, I pray that each child of Yours be equipped with the full armor of God. Bathe us in Your truth. Inject us with Your wisdom. Give us courage of conviction. Give us love the the unlovely.

In Jesus' Holy Name and by the Power and Authority of His Resurrection,

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