Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What a remarkable election! Despite the fact that Obama supporters dominated our education system, our film industry, our unions and our news media, John McCain and Sarah Palin fought the good fight and came close to winning anyway.

Despite being outspent 5 to 1 and 4 to 1 in many key states, McCain-Palin only lost Florida (27) by 2 points, Ohio (20) by 3 points and Virginia (13) by 3 points. If those three states (60 votes total) had gone the other way, the totals would have been Obama-Biden 277 to McCain-Palin 260.

Over 110 million Americans cast their votes and McCain-Palin only lost by 4 million or 3.6% of the total - not a landslide or a mandate by any stretch - just a hard-fought contest between two strong campaigns.

I know a lot of pundits will start nit-picking McCain-Palin first thing tomorrow, if not already, but I wanted to say how proud I was of the way they fought this campaign and how much they accomplished against very long odds.

My family feels like we have gotten to know both John McCain and Sarah Palin and feel great affection for the inspiring leaders they both are, for their wonderful families and for the long hours they put in helping to keep U.S. free and reminding us how great this country is.

Thank you Senator McCain!
Thank you Governor Palin!

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~~~ Jenn and Ed~~~ said...

Words fail me but my heart does not...

Thank you ! for your Service My President (Because you are the one, I voted for and You will always be that to me.) I am so honored by your strength and wisdom and most of all for the CLASS you showed on that stage last night in Arizona, and the night Obama was nominated for the Dem. Party. You are a leader and he could never fill your shoes ever. I am just sad today because the American people feel he is the best choice. We all know, those of us who are true Patriots, that he will not help our country but hurt it. And that he is not what this country needs.

My wish for you is to have Peace and know that from this day forward you have one Democrat Latina here in me that will always cherish you and pray for you always. Know that you are a gift to all America. Even to the ones who didn't really care to know about you. You did a great job and it is NOT your fault, you did all you could, we all did. You are a "True American Patriot". Take care of you and your beautiful wife, Cindy whom we also love, I could see her love in the way she looks at you. And the pride that just emanated from her. And that alone says alot about You, the man. Thank you Cindy for allowing us to get to know you and your husband and your beautiful family. Take care of each other and God Bless You All!
God Bless America!