Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wake Up America!

Loving Father, we humble ourselves before You and ask You to show mercy to the United States of America and her people. There are hearts in this country that yearn for the light of Your love and hunger for a hope that can only be found in You. Please give each American the vision to see the truth before it's too late!!! Help us to see past race, age, gender and other superficial issues. But give us the courage to stand up and defend the truth. I truly believe we are in a time that requires such courage. Soften the hearts of those who try to deny You. Give us the words to speak and actions to take that bring You glory. Give us compassionate hearts to embrace diversity and convicted hearts that share Your truth. We know You love each member of the human race and that we are Your beloved creations. Please convict the hearts of those who use underhanded manipulation, eloquent speech and empty promises to seduce the weak-minded. Meanwhile, surround those weak-minded souls with a hedge of Your protection. We ask that You surround each candidate with Your protection, as well. Give us hearts that can love the sinner but hate the sin. We thank you for the times You wrap each of us in this compassionate and unconditional love. In Jesus' Name, we claim Your light and love for each American. Amen!

Friday, September 26, 2008


We encourage all visitors to the site to submit a prayer request for yourself or someone you know. Our prayer team wants to lift you and your request to our God and stand with you in agreement. For privacy reasons, please use only initials or abbreviated names if you are submitting prayer for someone else. It is not important if our prayer team and visiting prayer warriors know anyone's full name. God does. That's all that matters.

"Father God, we stand with our brothers and sisters who visit this site. We not only pray for the ones they submit but also for the countless other cares and concerns they may bear. Make Your presence known to them. Give them spiritual eyes to see Your guidance. Give them peace that is unexplainable in any other terms than Yours. We thank You for them and the talents and opportunities you bless them with each day. We ask for safety for them and their loved ones. In Your Loving and Righteous Name, Amen."

The Debates: Courage, Conviction and Clarity

Lord, please give all candidates who will be debating in the next few weeks clarity, conviction and courage to perform at their best. We ask for debates in which all are at their best so that the outcome would best encourage voting decisions based upon truth and transparency. I pray with all of my heart that all registered voters who watch the debate would do so with an open mind, open heart and open eyes. Let us see YOUR choice for president. We also ask for clarity, conviction and courage to act in accordance with you will. In Your Precious Son's Holy Name, Amen.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Economy: From Crisis to Calm

Lord, We pray for those who are hard at work trying to rescue our troubled economy. Please give them clarity of thought and courage in deed. We ask that they would each turn to You and Your wisdom amidst this crisis. We know that You and only You can bring calm in this storm. We thank You for the ways You are using these circumstances to remind us of the need to be good stewards in our finances and in all things. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pray for the United Nations General Assembly

Lord, we pray for world leaders as they gather in New York for the UN General Assembly. Please give all leaders wisdom to know when to stand firm and when to compromise. May there be positive breakthoughs of understanding and the healing of deep wounds. Please bring peace to the hearts of all in attendance. In Jesus' Name we pray, Amen.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Civility and The Issues

Lord, I pray every voter will cast his or her vote based upon truth. I pray that matters involving race, gender and age do not ultimately dictate the outcome of this election in any respect. Please draw us back to the critical issues and facts facing our country and world. Come election day, I pray each person staring at a ballot will end up casting a vote that is based upon a genuine passion for what is best for this country and its citizens. I pray each vote, regardless of for whom it is cast, is submitted with a heart that truly seeks the best for this country rather than reflects superficial biases and single-issue thinking. Please keep all candidates and their families safe and give them peace.

America, Bless God

Lord God, show each of us how we can better exemplify your wisdom and love each day to those around us. Guide us in Your perfect will. Direct our paths. And give us the courage to take those steps. May we always act with compassion, help those who need help and stand with conviction.

Prayer for Our Country's Youth

Dear Lord, we ask that through the fast-paced elements of life, through the secular messages and through the pains of growing up, the youth in our country would still be able to hear Your voice slicing through it all. Father, accentuate their ability to hear You amidst the chaos in this world. Touch their hearts and minds and incline them towards You. Use us to encourage that transition each time we come into contact with them. Give them hope. Amen!

Clear Direction in our Military

I pray for our leaders, particularly those who make decisions that affect our military personnel. Lord, please give them insight and wisdom in all decisions.

Prayer for Track Palin

Lord, please keep this young military man in Your safe keeping as he serves his country. Keep him focused on his tasks at hand, despite knowing what his family is going through at this time. Please also provide courage and protection to all other servicemen and servicewomen in harm's way.

Keep Us Strong

Thank you, Lord, for political discourse and debate. It helps remind us why we stand for what we stand for. Please continue to use the rhetoric to sharpen John's and Sarah's minds and clarify why they stand for what they stand for, too. May the glory go to You. Amen!

God, We Thank You...

...For the goodness You show us in this country. Thank You for the freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis and, far too often, forget to appreciate. Thank You that we live in a country in which political power does not transition at gunpoint. Thank You for John McCain and his love for our country. Thank You for bringing him through his trials as a POW. You sustained him through hell on earth. Thank You for using that time to cultivate his strength of character and spirit. Thank You for giving him the desire to run for President of the United States. Lord, thank You for Sarah Palin and her courage to run for Vice President of the United States. She, too, knows the need for Your comfort first hand. Please protect each candidate's heart and mind, particularly as the election draws closer. I pray for their families and their ongoing strength during this challenging and stressful time. Lord, please keep the candidates and their families close to Your heart. Give them joyful spirits in all things. May they continue to cling to You, speak Your wisdom and love our country with Your heart. In Jesus' Name, Amen.