Monday, November 8, 2010

Don't Fear the Lightning!

Each of us have experienced some degree of "existing in a funk" -- knowing God is leading us somewhere but we (1) don't know where, (2) don't know when to make the next move, (3) don't know how to move and/or (4) what that move should be. I have been in that place. I lived in it for faaaarrrr too long. It feels like the fire is out, the energy is gone and excuses abound. Simply put, it's running on empty and being in desperate need of fortification.

When the earth's soil is running low on nutrients, God sends the rain. But we often forget about the importance of the lightning that often accompanies it. The water refreshes the parched land, and the lightning injects it with massive surges of energy to rejuvinate. Kind of like a cosmic defibrilator.

Many times, the Bible refers to soil, especially "you reap what you sow." When we run low and sink into the "funk" of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual stalemate, sometimes the storms are the only thing that will quench our thirsty souls and reignite our energy levels.

Are you in a "funk" that feels insurmountable at times? Have you become complacent and acquiesced to mediocrity? Do you want to get out but don't seem to understand what the first step is or how to take it? Don't worry when the storm comes! It will offer the shove into greatness that God has set aside for you. The rain (perhaps in the form of tears) will bring new nourishment to replace the drought. And, no matter what, don't fear the lightning. It will bring a surge of courage and determination you thought you'd lost.