Thursday, November 24, 2011

We Give Thanks!

There are three primary types of "thanks" in this world. There is gratitude that is insincere or "automatic" because we are either trying to "be nice" or we take something for granted. There is gratitude that is undeniably sincere and easily expressed. Then, there is gratitude that is heartfelt but never expressed. On Thanksgiving, may we remember to always speak and act with genuine sincerity that reflects our gratitude. May we refuse to leave any gratitude unexpressed, and may we never take for granted even the smallest of blessings. Lord Jesus, thank You for the biggest blessing we will ever receive -- the gift of eternal life as the result of Your sacrifice on the cross! Thank You for the spiritual freedom You provide. Thank You for all of the freedom this country was founded upon, and thank You for every man and woman who defends it -- past, present and future. We ask that You shower upon each of these people special blessings of comfort, praise and safety. We thank You for those serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, but also for those serving all around the world. We pray for the families of deployed personnel, that You in Your miraculous and loving ways, will draw them close in spirit despite the geographic distance. We especially pray for all families who have lost military loved ones. Wrap them in Your arms in undeniable ways. For all who are facing the holidays (especially for the first time) without a specific loved one -- military or otherwise -- we thank You for the Holy Spirit as Our Comforter. May the memories be infused with gratitude and joy that outweighs sadness. In Your Precious and Sacrificial Name...the Name Above All Names...Wonderful, Counselor, Almighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Amen!

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